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Lisa Ann Vital Stats:

Date of Birth: 09-May-72
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Place of Birth: Easton, Pennsylvania
Height: 5 feet and 2 inches (157 cms)
Measurements: 38DD-20-34
Hair: Brown

Lisa Ann Updates

Lisa Ann 00141

Lisa Ann
Lisa Ann - Bonus Shoot 1Earl says: A classic vintage set on porn legend Lisa Ann. A sexual feast in bed. Don't spill the gravy on the sheets.

49 Pics
16.45 M

Lisa Ann - 00142

Lisa Ann
Another blast from the past with living legend Lisa Ann who is still as hot as the day these never before published pics were taken when she was 19. Enjoy...

41 Pics
23.84 M

Lisa Ann & Kristen 00860

Kristen Conrad, Lisa Ann
Lisa Ann and Kristen, Sexy Dining Room.From the vintage vault comes porn legend Lisa Ann and her lesbian lover Kristin. 10/31/06

40 Pics
15.16 M

Lisa Ann 00143

Lisa Ann
Lisa Ann, Blue Body Suit in Dining Room.Legendary pornstar Lisa Ann is making a cumback. Here she is in luscious lascivious classic vintage set.Bonus saturday...

43 Pics
17.64 M

Kristen and Lisa Ann 00861

Kristen Conrad, Lisa Ann
Kristen and Lisa Ann - Shoot 1

25 Pics
1.58 M

Lisa Ann 00139

Lisa Ann
Lisa Ann - Solo Shoot 1

25 Pics
2.1 M
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